We're very happy to announce that we've teamed up with one of the fastest-growing Server Management companies in the web hosting industry, ServerAdmins.us.

This partnership will allow us to begin offering our resellers out-sourced hosting support for their businesses, and VPS and Dedicated customers the benefit of having a full-time Server Management team on-call for any management tasks needed, while also ensuring we're providing our customers and resellers the epitome of quality in third-party hosting support.

Using this service brings the full access and capabilities of a fully trained and equipped network support staff to your business, VPS, or dedicated host, regardless of size.  

We're still around to help you with any common questions or basic support, but this will give you the personalized server support that you need to take your hosting reseller business to the next level!

With this collaboration, we'll be able to offer our Resellers, VPS, and dedicated Server clients the option to completely outsource their support to a team of highly skilled server admins who can respond to their customers' tickets, support requests, and manage server environments for them completely!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

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